Saturday, June 9, 2012

Under Appreciated Things


Today I'd like to give recognition to seven things that bring joy into our lives, but are greatly unappreciated.


Bokeh is the blur in out-of-focus areas of a photo. It's not the subject of the photo, but nevertheless the photo would not be as beautiful without it.


Show me a cute, yet sophisticated drink that displays those characteristics more perfectly than tea. Trick question, there is none.

Wild Berries

Sweeter and wilder and generally more delicious than their processed cousins, wild berries are the fruits of the forests. They taste even better if you picked them yourself while pushing past thorns and branches to get that one, golden berry.


Look up when the sky is partially covered by clouds, and just study them. They are magnificent things, and they float through the air like enormous whales in a migration through the ocean of the sky.


Studies say that people should hug for at least a few good seconds to release certain positive chemicals in the brain, but I believe that it's just nice to know the person you're hugging cares.


You're running late, and don't know what time it is. What if you've completely missed your rendezvous? Then, you see a clock and voila! You realize that you're not as late as you thought you were and relief floods over you.

Stuffed Animals

I don't mean this in the sense of taxidermy, I mean the animals you used to cuddle up with as a child, and maybe still do for comfort. They may seem immature, but I think that humans can become very attached to these things and that should be respected.

Can you think of other things that aren't appreciated enough?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Worst Infomercials of All Time

We've all seen them. They make you cringe, cry out in disgust, and sometimes scream. That's right, they're infomercials.

I don't know who comes up with these crazy ideas, but here are a few that just may be the craziest:

A more youthful face for serial killers everywhere.

"Made in Germany, you know the Germans make good stuff."

Infomercials haven't changed very much in 20 years, have they... (this infomercial aired in 1978)

Bewildered teenager: "Fushigi, like, I don't know what it is, but it's the coolest thing ever, and I can do it!"

There isn't very much to understand...

Imagine trying to have a serious conversation with someone while on this chair..


Feel like an ancient Greek philosopher as you're finishing your shower!

"Probably made by Amish craftsmen in the heartland of America." What???

Latest fashion!

Can't forget the Snuggie :)

Which product would you buy? Or which would you burn if you saw it?

A bientot!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom


Just yesterday I saw Moonrise Kingdom, a beautiful movie by Wes Anderson.

I love the plot, which basically follows the journey of a young boy and a young girl as they run away from home for true love. The town in which they live rallies together to find them, and chaos ensues as secrets are uncovered and lovers are torn apart. This all takes place on a small island on the east coast, during the 1960s. The setting is gorgeous: lush with woods, fields, and quiet lakes.

The protagonists, Sam and Suzy, are also played wonderfully by the talented:

Jared Gilman. Jared was born in New Jersey and still goes to middle school there, after acting in Moonrise Kingdom at only age 12. He is now 13, and still enjoys scripting, acting in, and editing his own short action videos, as well as playing golf.

Kara Hayward. Kara was born and raised in Massachusetts and discovered her passion for acting at a summer camp. She made her feature debut, Moonrise Kingdom, also at age 12 and is now 13. In addition to acting, Kara enjoys reading, dancing, and writing.

Don't get me wrong, the whole movie was great, but what really pulled it together was the music chosen. Many songs are from Hank Williams, an American musician and singer-songwriter who specialized in country music.

Here are some of the main songs played:

Cuckoo, a song arranged and conducted by Benjamin Britten, sung by a London children's choir.

Le Temps de L'Amour by Alexandre Desplat, performed by Francoise Hardy.

Cold, Cold Heart by Hank Williams.

Honky Tonkin' by Hank Williams.

Kaw-Liga by Hank Williams.

Long Gone Lonesome Blues by Hank Williams.

Take These Chains From My Heart by Hank Williams.

Of these, my favorites are Le Temps de L'Amour, Cuckoo, and Kaw-Liga. What are yours?

I highly suggest seeing order you to see Moonrise Kingdom. It's a gentle, charming film that's sure to please anyone.

Here's the trailer:

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry

Hey all,

As you may have realized, I somewhat seemed to have stopped blogging. That is not an odd realization, considering my absence of 1 month and 24 days.

I am sad to say that I was not M.I.A because of some amazing trip to an exotic country where one might find the meaning of life and one's true love, if one happened to be in a romantic drama/comedy/'chick flick'. Instead, I was staying put, at home, still pondering why New England weather seems to hate me.

But, on the brighter hand, I began to feel more and more crafty and decided to add some general 'stuff I don't need, but think is wonderful' to my dwelling. Such as:

Wall stickers! Like wallpaper for the wall-decorating impaired :)

(If you're interested in ordering some online, just search 'wall stickers' and you'll find hundreds of options)

I needed a place to hang jewelry, and came up with this. It's just a simple net (which I got from a friend, but you can probably get from a hardware store) stapled to a frame.  

Got an old box, drew elephants on with black pen, and then hung it up over my mirror. The photo has the quality of SPAM, I know.

And this is just a clock in my room, but I love it! :)

I am also the new proud owner of a few new articles of clothing:

I adore this dress.

A black skirt pairs wonderfully with anything.

Though the black jacket I got does not look exactly like this, it's close enough ;)

Again, I am sorry to have left so suddenly and abruptly, but my muse fled me. Now I'm back and hope to keep blogging. 

Thanks for staying with me!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Am A Star


It's late and I'm too tired to describe my Easter bonanza, but I just wanted to present a little mini-movie I made using an online program called xtranormal.What's nice about the program is that it provides the choice of characters and behind-the-scenes stuff, but the dialog, camera angles, sounds, emotions, backgrounds, motions, and dialog are all yours.

My mini-movie is about identity and what it really means.

One man claims to be a star while the other tries to wrong him with the use of facts and scientific observations. Finally, the man who claims he is a star breaks down the man of facts, who proceeds to proclaim himself a tree:

Just to clarify the entire dialog is my own. I stole no ideas or copied any scripts from other people.

Hope everyone had a great Easter/Passover/weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wacky Warnings


This weekend is packed with sacred holidays. Well, really, there's only two...


As I was saying, this weekend is packed a cornucopia of  filled with going to be busy for me and I'm afraid posts will be scarce (please, don't cry. This hurts me nearly as much as it hurts you.) But you can bet your billy goats I'll fill you in on the 'whirlwind' of excitement that is my life.

For now, I leave you with a list of weird road signs. You know, the ones you see in your car in some deserted place and go, "What!?" before nearly swerving into unsuspecting wildlife.

Ahh! I'm being mauled by an elf mask!

What if you have none? You'd be in a real pickle.

I'm sure there's some crazed businessman out there who will disagree.

Oh, very helpful.

This is worth reading all the way through. He he.


This is not a good sign to have outside a fast food restaurant.                


I bet they get kids all the time begging their parents to leave.

And now you can 'Like' us on Facebook!

I feel like this should be funny, but I'm the person who always gets a joke 5 minutes after its told.

"Orange cloud possible". You would not believe how I would freak out if I read that.

Aw, poor animals.

Oh, jackpot! I'm a 'lucky winner'!

Oh yes, because everybody's going up to feel the sign.

Ha! I wish I could've seen the face on the person who was the reason they had to put up that sign.

Sucked off??? What's in there???

That is gold.


or as dogs say it, Woof Woof!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Flickering Light Bulb


On Monday, a light bulb lit in my head.

Well, actually, it flickered for a bit, failed, I had to replace it, and then it worked fine.

I realized that I had been reading all these books about how to be happier, but I wasn't applying them to everyday life. I wasn't making Resolution Charts, being kinder, or trying new things.

Luckily, the local paper/crafts store was not far away and I was magnetized to it.

I saw that since I loved making art so much, I could try to jazz up the objects around me by decorating them. This would satisfy my creative cravings and present me with new stuff without having to buy it.

I bought a nice big chunk of paper decorated with envelopes and some gorgeous flower stickers. They evolved into a cooler skin for the back of my laptop:

Some acrylics, an old, practically decaying home paint brush, and a black marker turned into a vase:

(and a terrible, shaky photo)

Finally, I used some of the extra stickers to decorate the corners of my mirror:

(and here we have another member of the Hall of Failed Photos)

I also started wearing a necklace that my mother gave me on my birthday to remind me that life is good, I should be happy, and the future is bright. The necklace is a silver key and lock.

I'm so happy about life, and so excited to live it. 

I hope I don't have too many pitfalls along the way. 

Au revoir!